Hi and welcome to my website XOR ⊕ GURU ! My name is Cristiano Paris and this is where I dump stuff about Cryptography, Cyber Security, Blockchain and Computer Language Semantics.

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My recent articles

Cryptographic “Heads and Tails” and privacy-preserving blockchains

Sometime, the technology behind the Blockchain appears to be out of reach for the common man. Yet, I have a passion in trying to explain the “hard concepts” in simple terms and in this one I will touch upon the idea behind privacy-preserving blockchains like ZCash or Monero. To do that, we will talk about …

Blockchain and electronic voting

Recently, I got involved in some discussions on the feasibility of a voting scheme which can be untraceable and based on the Blockchain.

The discussions soon polarized between two opposite factions. Nevertheless, in both of them, I noticed a certain lack of knowledge on how Blockchain works and how it could be applied in this specific context. Let’s have a look then.